The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Another type of spider on our list of the most dangerous animals in the world, is the brown recluse spider. Native to North America, this spider has particularly nasty venom. In fact, it has so-called necrotic venom that can cause necrosis, or dying, of the skin, that apparently, you may or may not recover from…. In some cases, a bite from the brown recluse spider can cause a bursting of the red blood cells, which sounds utterly horrific.

You’ll know if you’re face to face with a brown recluse spider because it’ll be brown and spider like, with a tell-tale marking shaped like a violin on its abdomen. It’ll also have six eyes as opposed to eight, which most spiders have (so not just eight legs then, eight eyes too ‘ all the better to see you with!).

Like many spiders, this one will only bite if it feels threatened, but an overly sensitive soul, it may mistake you tidying up the stack of old papers in the garage that it’s made its home, as threatening behaviour. Reclusive by name, reclusive by nature, they really don’t like humans invading ‘their’ space wherever they happen to have laid their hat, so tidy up at your own peril.


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