The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet

Saw-scaled Viper

saw scaled viper

The Saw-scaled Viper is quite a small snake, but don’t be fooled. This irritable reptile packs quite a punch. Thought to be responsible for more human deaths than all other snake species combined, this is a creature you don’t want to meet.

The Viper’s venom contains a blend of four deadly toxins and, although death isn’t instantaneous, the devastating effects are soon felt. Those unfortunate enough to be bitten experience uncontrollable bleeding, with the body’s tissues dissolving, limbs being lost and the ultimate price soon being paid. The worst part? There is no antidote.
Found in the dry regions of Africa, Pakistan, India and the Middle East, the Saw-scaled Viper warns potential victims that it’s about to strike, rubbing sections of its body together to produce a sound that is perhaps best described as ‘sizzling’. Called stridulation, this is your best chance of avoiding an unfortunate end. Happened upon a sizzling snake? Be sure to take heed.


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