The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet



Found in the deserts and scrublands of North Africa and the Middle East, the Deathstalker’s name says it all. Considered one of the most dangerous scorpions on Earth, this is a creature to avoid at all costs. Spotted one scuttling along the desert floor? Take our advice and take evasive action.

Measuring up to three inches long, this is one sizeable scorpion — although it can be difficult to spot as it lurks amongst the rocks or blends into the sandy surface. Heading into the Deathstalker’s environment? Keep your eyes peeled as a sting can be extremely painful — and in some instances, even fatal. Its venom packed with a powerful mix of crippling neurotoxins, the aggressive Deathstalker is fast to attack and always means business.

There is an antivenom — but out in the deserts and the scrublands, an effective treatment isn’t always readily available. Fun fact – the scorpio’s venom have been found helpful in treating brain tumors and other diseases, and treatments using the venom are currently being investigated in medical trials.


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