The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet



Hippos are huge. They’re also aggressive. Responsible for around 500 human deaths in Africa each year, Hippopotamus rank amongst the most dangerous large land mammals on the planet. Take our advice and steer well clear. Go head to head with a Hippo and the chances are you’ll pay the ultimate price.

Measuring up to 16 feet long, five feet tall and weighing as much as 4,500 kg, this is an immense beast. With large teeth and tusks — and able to move at significant speeds — Hippopotamus take no prisoners. In their path? You’re in big trouble.

Unpredictable and always up for a fight, this is a territorial monster that can attack on land or in the water. Whether charging across the plains or capsizing boats with its giant head, the Hippo is a no-nonsense killing machine. Not understanding their nature, some people underestimate Hippopotamus which can prove to be a costly mistake.


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