The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet


Brazilian Wandering Spider

Don’t like arachnids? The Brazilian Wandering Spider is one to avoid at all costs. It’s fat and it’s hairy. It’s also deadly, with the Guinness Book of Records having classified this South American stalker as the world’s most-venomous spider.

Known also as the Banana Spider, this is a creature that prowls the forest floor after dark, always on the hunt for food, with insects, amphibians, reptiles and mice in particular danger from a natural born killer. Humans are at risk also, a venomous bite often proving fatal, with children at the greatest risk.

There is a recognised antivenom for a Brazilian Wandering Spider bite — although receiving the appropriate treatment in time can prove to be quite a challenge for those deep in the jungle. Afraid of spiders? With plump bodies that can measure up to two inches in length, you’ll pray to not come across the Brazilian Wandering Spider.