The 20 Coolest Airbnb Properties in the World!

Nolla Cabin, Helsinki, Finland

Nolla Cabin Airbnb, Helsinki, Finland

Have you ever fancied staying in a pyramid? Well now you can! Sort of. With enough space for two people, this triangular wooden cabin is admittedly more tent like than pyramid, but one look and you’ll be hooked.

The ultimate in small space, sustainable living, the host of this cool Airbnb property created the nolla cabin to live up to its name – nolla is Finnish for zero. At 9m2, it’s roughly the size of an average bedroom and therefore challenges its guests to make more of living outside in nature, minimising their carbon footprint.

The stove doubles up as heating, electricity is supplied via solar panels, there’s no WiFi or running water (bathing takes place in the sea, where no synthetic products are allowed) and ecological dry toilets are 400m away.

So, you might ask, what do you get for your money? (Actual fees are unavailable since this amazing place is so booked up!) You get breathtaking views, a glimpse at a zero waste life, a moment to pause and forget everyday stresses and your fees are donated to the Ocean Cleanup charity that are aiming to rid the world’s oceans of plastic waste. And that’s more than enough!


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