The 20 Coolest Airbnb Properties in the World!

Geodesic Dome Near World Biosphere Reserve, Chile

9.	Geodesic Dome Near World Biosphere Reserve Airbnb, Chile

Fancy sleeping under the stars, but would rather be actually underneath something to protect you from the elements? We’ve got you! This Geodesic Dome in Chile will suit you perfectly.

Situated in the World Biosphere Reserve on the slopes of a national park, surrounded by lemon, olive, almond and avocado trees and the most awesome of the natural world, this is an epically cool place to stay.

At just 7m in diameter, there’s enough room for two people and your minimum two night stay will cost you £120 plus fees as you snuggle down amongst the cosy cushions and blankets under the night sky.

No number of words can describe how breathtakingly beautiful this area of the world is, and it would simply feel wrong to not sleep where you have a 360 degree view of the picturesque landscapes. The hosts have worked hard to make this dome as comfortable as possible, with its grand bed, floor cushions and heating.

If you fancy cooking up a feast, you’ll have access to a fire pit, although this Airbnb booking includes breakfast and a main meal as part of your stay. But most importantly, chill, relax and be at one with nature – your wellbeing will thank you for it.


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