The 20 Coolest Airbnb Properties in the World!

Lakeside Airbnb Apartment in Lombardy Italy
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What do your travel plans look like? Full of excitement? Or does your passport need some attention and dusting off? Either way, there’s always time for a minibreak. If you’re looking to stay somewhere different, edgy, quirky and undeniably cool, then our list of the world’s coolest Airbnb properties is for you!

We’ve given you an idea of starting price for each one, plus how many people it can sleep – but things can change and you may find different seasons have different costs. Most of our list of Airbnb properties are hosted by Superhosts, so you know you’re getting a trusted deal in a clean, safe and above all, super cool, Airbnb.

Enjoy your stay!

Dreamy Tropical Tree House, Hawaii

Tropical Tree House AirBnb Hawaii

A beautifully magical treehouse in the middle of a dense, tropical jungle is the stuff of fairy tales, isn’t it? Well yes, but it can also be your reality too. Stay in this dreamy tropical treehouse in Hawaii and you too can live the fairy tale life (for around £216 plus fees per night).

This property sleeps two people and sits atop wooden stilts – all 15 feet of them. Make your way to the top, go through the trap door, and your surprisingly modern, yet remarkably kitsch, wooden home awaits you.

Choose to hang out in the tree top and wonder at the flora and fauna on your sky high doorstep, or head down to your dreamy hanging bed suspended underneath your new temporary dwelling.

Flooded with natural daylight, your hosts have thought of everything, from the cloud like bed linen to the bamboo fixtures and the wallpaper with a nod to the flower power of the 1970s.

If you’re an eco-traveller, you’ll love the bathroom – with a certain outside-in feeling, the natural rainwater shower and sustainable cork detailing (not forgetting the hand basin carved from local rock) as they’ll tick all your green coloured boxes.

All that remains is for you to kick back, relax and enjoy being off grid for a while. We highly recommend listening out for falling fruit from nearby trees and the calls of nearby wild animals – things you won’t have heard if you’re a city dweller!

The Hideout, Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful places on our list of countries we’ve visited and would love to go back to. So if you choose to stay at this tiny but perfectly formed eco bamboo home in Bali, we’ll be very envious!

Located in Selat in the relaxing setting of the lush jungle, this hideout will instantly make you feel chilled. Sleeping four adults (infants aren’t included in the person count) and with a total cost of £117 per night plus fees, you can share the wonders of this stunning place, as well as the costs.

Despite its rural setting, Wifi is located throughout the property. But you’ll want to put the electrical devices down and soak up your surroundings, trust us. If you’re exploring East Karangasem, this is the ideal bolthole to visit the local sights on the free scooter included in the property price.

If you’d like to stay closer to ‘home’, why not organise an in-house massage or cooking class? You simply have to make use of the outdoor shower and grass roof covered plunge pool too. One warning – it’s best to be well acquainted with your travelling companions to stay here – the bathroom is all part of the open plan space! But what’s a few ablutions among friends if you’re staying in paradise?

Lakeside Apartment in Lombardy, Italy

Lakeside Airbnb Apartment in Lombardy Italy

How do you fancy staying in a stunning Italian apartment, with a pool, tennis court, bowling green and the little fact of a breathtaking view of mountains? Who could possibly say no? For you and five friends, at around £98 plus fees for the entire property per night, you don’t have to say no.

With your front door just 150 metres from the centre of Riva di Solto, a medieval village, this stunning newly refurbished apartment overlooking a lake is absolutely stunning. The nearby ski resorts, wine regions, thermal baths and ancient villages demonstrate why this village is recognised as a world class site by UNESCO World Heritage.

Sunbathe on your private terrace, take a dip in the pool to cool off, watch some of the water sports happening below on the lake and round off such a busy day with dinner overlooking the lake and the mountains in the background. What more could you need, with so much natural beauty, right in front of your eyes?

If you do need to stretch your legs, hop on the nearby ferry to take you to Montisola – the largest lake island in Europe, home to plentiful public beaches that you’re free to use.

Bird Island, Belize

Bird Island Airbnb Belize

What’s that you say? A private island? Yes please! For £500 a night plus fees, you and up to five travelling companions could be staying in secluded paradise. This amazingly cool Airbnb property is located within an atoll in Belize, with so, so many things to do on your doorstep (which happens to be stunningly clear waters).

So stunning, it’s been featured in an Airbnb ad campaign, dip your toes into the crystal waters, try snorkelling or swimming or admire the reefs from the surface. Any time spent on Bird Island, is time well spent.

The entire island is yours for the duration of your stay, you just need to bring your chilled vibes, flip flops and all the food you need (there’s no shops on this island!). You can organise private tours of nearby islands with the host, although you will have full use of kayaks to explore whilst you’re on the island.

Oh, and you simply must get an Insta worthy picture on the over water swings. In fact, the entire property is vibrant, colourful and alive – and perfect for a photo opportunity. But if you’d rather not live life through a lens, then we wouldn’t blame you, this Airbnb is a once in a lifetime opportunity and deserves your full attention.

Hector Cave House, Santorini

5.	Hector Cave House Airbnb, Santorini

Everything in Santorini is beautiful. With its blue skies, even bluer waters, sunshine and pure white buildings, the entire island is stunning. So if you’re looking for somewhere to stay here that stands out as something even more special, then Hector Cave House will itch that scratch.

This property has been carved out of the unique natural landscape of the caldera cliff. In fact, it was carved out 250 years ago and was originally used as a wine cellar – so if you’re a wine connoisseur, then you’ll fit in well here.

This gorgeous space can sleep up to five people and your minimum two night stay starts at around £1,137. Accessible via ten original steps from the cobbled streets below, you’ll be rewarded by your super cool cave apartment complete with private veranda and the most awesome of views across the ocean. Inside you’ll be surrounded by whitewashed walls, wooden beams and high ceilings as you live, quite literally, inside a cave.

And as if that isn’t quite cool enough, why not cool off further in the (non-heated) plunge pool?! Spend your evening sipping your favourite drink from within your private pool or lounging on your veranda celebrating how good life is.

Coconut Paradise, Florida

Coconut Paradise Airbnb Florida

Coconuts and paradise go together like all of the world’s best pairings – gin and tonic, cheese and toast and Kate and Wills. Coconut Paradise, a three bedroom, up to seven guest island pool home is no different.

This stupidly cool Airbnb property is accessible by boat or water taxi as you leave the four wheels behind on the mainland and get back to the simplicity of nature. (Although you can hire a golf cart if you have tired legs!) Think total seclusion, tropical island vibes, fire pits, hammocks and a huge screen covered porch. Oh, and coconut palms – 50 of them to be precise.

Costing around £400 a night, this place isn’t cheap, but if there’s seven of you travelling together, looking for a private retreat, then share the cost and bed down. Although sleep might be the last thing on your mind – the pool, its bar and the fire pit will lure you in until the small hours for sure!

The host is super knowledgeable and is only a call away if you need anything. Although this property is so chilled and comfortable, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing, tropical, secluded getaway.

Castrum of Serravalle, Italy

Castrum of Serravalle Airbnb, Italy

Ever dreamed of staying in a Medieval castle? Well now you, and three friends, can! This apartment in the main tower of the Castrum of Serravalle, a bone fide ancient fortress in the centre of Italy’s Vittorio Veneto, is an architectural wonder.

Stay in its confines and live like a Queen or King for a few days, or use it as your starting point to explore the nearby delights of Venice, Treviso and the Dolomites to name a few. With a hectare of private parkland lined with ancient walls, there’s plenty to discover on your doorstep, too.

Then, if you’re feeling a bit hot, cool off in the solarium with its upside down shower – which must be seen to be believed. Light the BBQ in the evening and relax on the exclusive terrace, sampling the fabulous food and wine this region has to offer.

There’s a three night minimum stay here, costing around £137 per night. But with so much to explore, and hello, it’s a castle, you certainly won’t get bored. It just remains to be seen if you’ll strut around the turrets channelling your inner princess or prince…

Modern Apartment in Akureyri, Iceland

Modern Apartment in Akureyri Airbnb, Iceland

Of all the coolest places in the world, Iceland has to be up there near the top of the list. One of our team writers describes visiting the country as the nearest she can imagine to being on the moon, without getting into a rocket. With it’s lunar like, rocky landscape, and moody, changeable weather, Iceland truly is a mystical place.

So to fully appreciate Iceland, a room with a view is a must – but rent this Airbnb and you’ll get a whole two bedroom flat with a view! This architectural property is located in Vaðlaheiði near Akureyri, the capital of north Iceland.

With views over the bay, it’s the perfect place for spotting the Northern Lights and the summertime midnight sun. It sleeps four and prices start at £120 per night plus fees.

Go for a local hike, take in the breathtaking sights of one of the nearby stunning waterfalls or fjords, go ice fishing, try cross country skiing or take a whale watching trip. It’s all possible here. Then in the evening, sample some local delicacies and relax, truly surrounded by the most stunning of natural backdrops.

Geodesic Dome Near World Biosphere Reserve, Chile

9.	Geodesic Dome Near World Biosphere Reserve Airbnb, Chile

Fancy sleeping under the stars, but would rather be actually underneath something to protect you from the elements? We’ve got you! This Geodesic Dome in Chile will suit you perfectly.

Situated in the World Biosphere Reserve on the slopes of a national park, surrounded by lemon, olive, almond and avocado trees and the most awesome of the natural world, this is an epically cool place to stay.

At just 7m in diameter, there’s enough room for two people and your minimum two night stay will cost you £120 plus fees as you snuggle down amongst the cosy cushions and blankets under the night sky.

No number of words can describe how breathtakingly beautiful this area of the world is, and it would simply feel wrong to not sleep where you have a 360 degree view of the picturesque landscapes. The hosts have worked hard to make this dome as comfortable as possible, with its grand bed, floor cushions and heating.

If you fancy cooking up a feast, you’ll have access to a fire pit, although this Airbnb booking includes breakfast and a main meal as part of your stay. But most importantly, chill, relax and be at one with nature – your wellbeing will thank you for it.

Canyon Hideout Bungalow, Colorado

Canyon Hideout Bungalow Airbnb, Colorado

Tucked away in the natural red rocks of this area of the world is this super cool Airbnb bungalow – the perfect hideout for a chilled break or equally as a base for exploring the nearby miles upon miles of hiking and mountain biking trails in the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

This bungalow also happens to be situated under a 900+ year old juniper tree, how cool is that?! The hosts here have been sympathetic to the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes here, and have coupled that with cosiness and everything you need for a comfy stay.

What this teeny property lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in colour, vibrancy and character. Sleeping two, your minimum two night stay starts at around £223 plus fees. Your covered outside area is perfect for outdoor cooking on the BBQ after a long day exploring, and if the evenings get a little chilly, pop the patio heater on and extend your evening into the small hours listening to nature.

Situated on a private ranch, you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere better to indulge your love of the great outdoors.

Luxury Home in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S

Luxury Home in Las Vegas Airbnb, Nevada, U.S

Welcome to Las Vegas! Or so the saying goes. If you’re looking for somewhere cool and quirky to stay, that’s located just minutes from the famous Las Vega strip and everything else in this part of the world, then you’ve just found it.

This super luxurious home sleeps up to eight people, so it’s ideal if you’re travelling in a group. No expense has been spared for your comfort here, from the luxe soft furnishings to the five star décor. The outdoor cooking and dining area is exquisite and is perfect for unwinding after a hard day exploring (and possibly celebrating your casino wins or commiserating your losses!).

Oh, and there’s a private pool, too – ideal for chilling out, celebrating or commiserating…

This property has been voted one of the Architectural Digest 51 Best Places to Stay in the US. So it should definitely be on your wish list. There’s a two night minimum stay rule here, but it’s so cool, you’ll definitely want to stay more than one night. Your two night stay starts at around £500 plus fees, and if you are in a group of eight, split the costs and you’ll have extra dollars for walking around like a movie star for your stay.

Cosy Alaskan Log Cabin, Alaska

Cosy Alaskan Log Cabin Airbnb, Alaska

The “most wished for” anything is quite the accolade, and if you’re looking for the most wished for Airbnb in Alaska (according to RealSimple), then you’ve just found it. Nestled between the trees of the Creamer’s Field Waterfowl Refuge, this authentic Alaskan cabin is literally perfect for anyone looking for a nature fuelled getaway.

Only five miles from Downtown, it’s fully stocked with all that you’ll need to have a cosy break – all you need to do is bring your food. This is dry cabin living, meaning that there’s no bathroom as such – just an RV type shower outside, which authentically, doesn’t work when the temperatures hit freezing. There is running water in the kitchen however.

What this breathtaking place lacks in bathroom facilities, it gains in outdoor firepit cooking. So fire lighting and BBQing skills are essential! If you visit in the summertime, you’ll be lucky enough to while the whole night away under the midnight sun.

A two night minimum stay for up to four people starts at £137 plus fees, and is well worth a visit if you fancy hunkering down and getting cosy off grid for a while.

Extreme climate? Yes. Wickedly cool Airbnb? Most definitely yes.

Forest and Heaven Themed Apartment, Melbourne, Australia

Forest and Heaven Themed Apartment Airbnb, Melbourne, Australia

If ever the word ‘magical’ best described a place to stay, this is it. Hosted by four creatives who share a passion for unique and magical experiences, this mega cool Airbnb in central Melbourne is a sanctuary to relax in after a busy day sightseeing and soaking up all that this exciting city has to offer.

The restaurants of Hardware Lane are minutes away, as are the Yarra River and Federation Square. And you’re less than a half an hour’s drive from Melbourne Airport, ideal if you’re travel weary when you arrive.

But don’t let the central location put you off – this property is regularly given top reviews for the best nights’ sleep. Twinkling lights and cloud painted walls are the name of the game here, all set to a backdrop of a painted forest in which to forest bathe. And the pillow topped mattress is divine! When you wake, put the espresso machine on and enjoy a cup of Joe in the magical swinging chair or take a pew on a log to ponder your plans for the day.

Two people can stay here and it’ll cost £116 per night between you, plus fees.

Sea Cottage on the Water, Sweden

Sea Cottage on the Water Airbnb, Sweden

Imagine a tiny, but architecturally perfect, cottage, perched on the banks of an expanse of water with a breathtaking backdrop of forest… Got it? Then you can picture this uber cool Airbnb property situated on the edge of a tiny island in the Stockholm archipelago.

This perfect property allows for the perfect wind down and suits anyone who loves spending time in quietude and in the arms of Mother Nature. The private jetty extending from this sea cottage takes you to the boat and two kayaks that are at your disposal for your stay. Go exploring in the water, or if you’re a fan of cold water swimming, take a bracing dip.

If you need to warm up, the outside sauna, surrounded by peaceful wilderness will treat you wonderfully. Then, use the outdoor hot shower before slipping into the most peaceful and restorative slumber.

Sleeping up to four guests and with starting prices at just over £1,000 plus fees for your minimum seven night stay, this truly is a place to reset the clock, chill out and reflect. Spending time on this island is most definitely time well spent, for mind, body and soul.

Architectural Wonder in the Woods, New York, U.S

Architectural Wonder in the Woods Airbnb, New York, U.S

When you think of a trip to New York, you probably think of cool, urban vibes, cityscapes, shopping and skyscrapers. But there’s a whole other side to this cosmopolitan city, and it’s arguably way cooler!

This geometric, architectural masterpiece is situated on 30 acres of preserved land close to the Hudson Valley and Rhinebeck. A once in a lifetime, unique property, it’s completely open plan with no bedrooms – but three people can comfortable stay here.

If you have high eco credentials, this place will suit you, quite literally, down to the ground. Playful and quirky, it’s made from wood and has the kitchen at its sociable centre. Heated from within the ground using geothermal technology and with solar powered electricity, the owners of this property have thought of everything to make this the perfect sustainable stay. Even the water supply is from an underground well with a natural filtration system.

Staying here will cost you around £650 plus fees for a minimum two night stay – but in doing so, you’re supporting the architect-led, not for profit gallery T Space project and sculpture trail. So if you love supporting artistic projects whilst preserving the planet, this cool stay is most definitely for you.

Royal Apartment, Rome, Italy

Royal Apartment Airbnb, Rome, Italy

The city of Rome is steeped in history and culture, and this royal apartment is at its centre – and most definitely lives up to its name. An Airbnb Plus property, if you feel like living like a King or Queen for a few days, then this has to be the place to do it.

The word ‘regal’ sums this cool property up, and every detail has been thought of to ensure your stay is as regal as possible. Sleeping two people, your minimum three night stay costs from around £350 plus fees. Not bad for temporary royalty!

Your host describes a stay here as like living like a 16th Century Roman aristocrat, and we can’t argue with that. If you love the glamour and ceremony of this style, with its super high ceiling and frescoes then you’ll adore your stay here.

Just minutes from the famous Trevi fountain, central Rome and the Vatican City, let your feet do the talking and explore to your hearts’ content, safe in the knowledge you’ll be sleeping in the most comfortable of beds that night. Despite being so close to all the local attractions, the property is situated in a quiet neighbourhood, so you get the best of both worlds.

Secluded Intown Treehouse, Georgia, U.S

Secluded Intown Treehouse, Georgia Airbnb, U.S

Do you love the comfort, familiarity and ease of getting whatever you want, when you want it, of urban living? Do you also love the thought of having all that to hand, but staying in a place that feels like a million miles from anywhere?

Well, this secluded intown treehouse will suit you down to the, well, ground below you. Minutes from downtown Georgia, it’s a two person oasis set in a rural backdrop of lush greenery and trees. And it happens to be one of Airbnb’s most wish listed properties.

Unusually, this tree house exists as three separate structures – mind, body and soul – all linked by beautifully twinkly light lined rope bridges. You’ll find your living room in mind, your bedroom in body (your bed is on wheels, so you can choose to roll it out onto the canopy to sleep under the stars) and your hammock deck in soul, overlooked by the spirited 165 year old “Old Man” tree.

Everything else is shared with the hosts in the main house below. Your two night minimum stay will cost you around £559 plus fees. It’s a rare find, so make sure you book soon if you’re keen!

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Nolla Cabin, Helsinki, Finland

Nolla Cabin Airbnb, Helsinki, Finland

Have you ever fancied staying in a pyramid? Well now you can! Sort of. With enough space for two people, this triangular wooden cabin is admittedly more tent like than pyramid, but one look and you’ll be hooked.

The ultimate in small space, sustainable living, the host of this cool Airbnb property created the nolla cabin to live up to its name – nolla is Finnish for zero. At 9m2, it’s roughly the size of an average bedroom and therefore challenges its guests to make more of living outside in nature, minimising their carbon footprint.

The stove doubles up as heating, electricity is supplied via solar panels, there’s no WiFi or running water (bathing takes place in the sea, where no synthetic products are allowed) and ecological dry toilets are 400m away.

So, you might ask, what do you get for your money? (Actual fees are unavailable since this amazing place is so booked up!) You get breathtaking views, a glimpse at a zero waste life, a moment to pause and forget everyday stresses and your fees are donated to the Ocean Cleanup charity that are aiming to rid the world’s oceans of plastic waste. And that’s more than enough!

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge Adventure Suite Airbnbs, Peru

If you’re a daredevil or thrill seeker, then stop scrolling – this property has your name on it! Not for the faint of heart, it’s not called a skylodge for nothing – it’s a transparent capsule, albeit a luxury one, that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco in Peru. There are three pods here, with a maximum total of 12 people, so you won’t feel lonely!

With 360 degree views of this stunningly breathtaking valley, these pods epitomise cool. Simply accessing each pod is an adventure in itself – you need to navigate your way through a 400ft mountainous climb, or make your way through a series of ziplines.

Fees start at £325 per person and includes breakfast and a gourmet dinner with wine plus transportation from Cuzco. The minimum stay is one night, but the hosts welcome longer stays too.

Likened to sleeping in a condor nest you’ll have overnight views of the sacred and magical Cuzco valley and the ancient Inca trails that surround it. The pods also have basic washing and drinks making facilities – and with views like these, what more do you need?

If ever there was a room with a view – this is it!

Casa Piña, Mexico

Casa Piña Airbnb, Mexico

If you’re looking for a super cool, modern property for you and up to seven travelling companions with stunning Pacific views, then Casa Piña is for you. There’s even a separate one bedroom, self-contained rooftop casita if you need to hire it separately.

Indoors, you’ll find a gourmet kitchen with everything you need to create delicious meals for your group, plus thoroughly modern yet reflective of the rural nature of this property, fixtures and fittings. Like a roll top bath and uber stylish dining and seating area!

Outside, there’s a table that will seat all of you for a slap up dinner cooked on your gas BBQ. Afterwards, take a dip in the infinity pool or chill out in the hammock area. If you’re a close group, then the outdoor shower and bathroom is all yours!

A minimum three night stay here will cost around £1,400 plus fees between you. So why not gather up a group of likeminded travel pals and head to Mexico? You’ll love it, we promise!

Which of These Coolest Airbnb Properties Will You Choose?

Treehouses, medieval castles, bamboo eco huts and luxury apartments – all over the world. How lucky that we have so much choice at our fingertips! The only problem we have is choosing which cool Airbnb to book first.

We’re certain there are hundreds, if not thousands more cool Airbnb properties for hire, and we’ll keep you updated when we find more. In the meantime, will you share your secret finds? Or will you keep them a well-guarded, hidden gem?

Either way, round up your travel companions, pack those bags and have fun. Safe travels!

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