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Lake Macdonnell, Australia

Lake Macdonnell, Australia

Australia is full of Salt Lakes and especially spectacular bubble gum pink lakes. But the most extraordinary of all is perhaps Lake MacDonnell. Lake MacDonnell is also called the pink & blue lake or the Watermelon Avenue Cactus Beach Australia. The lake is located near the town of Penong, about 860 kilometres from Adelaide so you’ll have to travel a fair bit to take an astonishing picture. The best travel route is via plane from Adelaide airport to Ceduna and then a short 45 minute drive.

Lake MacDonnell has recently become one of the top tourist spots in South Australia. If the lake is pink, it’s because of its high salinity levels, combined with the presence of salt-loving algae and pink bacteria known as halobacteria. This combo turns the salt bright pink.

Want your own picture? Spring is a good time to visit Australia as it won’t be too hot. Also, the time of the year you’ll visit matters as if, there isn’t much water in the lake, you will not be able to enjoy a bright pink lagoon. However the landscape here is amazing and the lake shows absolutely stunning shades all year so it’s really worth a visit anytime.


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