Santorini Bucket List: 10 Things To Do On The Greek Island

6. Explore the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri


Akrotiri is an ancient city that is now in ruins – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one to see on your trip to Santorini. Often compared to Italy’s Pompeii, Akrotiri was completely swallowed up by the volcanic eruption.

You can go alone when you’re exploring this piece of history frozen in time, but for the best experience, hire one of the many local guides. Everything from cooking pots and flower pots to bee hives (yes, bee hives!) have been painstakingly recovered here, and in 2012 the perfectly intact but set in stone houses were protected with a roof structure, preserving them for generations of visitors to come.

If you feel sad about the events of Akrotiri, then take peace from knowing that not one body (and only one piece of gold) have been found here. Suggesting that the people of this ancient city were forewarned and were successfully evacuated, taking their treasures with them.


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