Santorini Bucket List: 10 Things To Do On The Greek Island


4. Visit the Santo Winery

Santo Winery

Amazing view of Santorini caldera from Santo Winery terrace, Pyrgos, Greece

Santorini is well known for its landscape and scenery, but it’s also famed for its wine. So, if you’re a wine lover, then you’ll be right at home here. After its volcanic eruption, the earth was left rich in minerals and pumice stone, which along with a low year round rainfall and humid nights, makes the perfect climate for grape vines.

The Santo Winery is the ideal place for sampling the wines of Santorini, which tend to be white, crisp and dry – the perfect pairing for fish dishes.

Of course, the professionals will discard their wine into a bucket after tasting. But if you fancy a few drinks in beautiful surroundings with some accompanying nibbles, then feel free to drink and be merry!


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