20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim

Lake Karachay, Russia Just standing next to Lake Karachay, in Russia’s southern Ural Mountains, could prove fatal. Swimming in it? Forget about it. This lake is a grim place, considered the most polluted spot on Earth, where nothing grows and no-one comes. Karachay, translated from the local tongue, means Black […]

Tue 18 June 2019

15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan One look at the Hussaini Hanging Bridge should be enough to highlight its hazards. Located in Upper Hunza in northern Pakistan, this is one of many dangerous crossings in a remote and rocky region, a bridge that hangs over Borit Lake, but threatens to collapse into […]

20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

The Door to Hell, Derweze, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan Measuring 69 metres from side to side and 30 metres deep, The Door to Hell captivates visitors with its fearsome flames and boiling mud in the Karakum Desert, an otherwise-remote area in northern Turkmenistan that makes for the unlikeliest of destinations for […]

Sun 04 November 2018

Unbelievable Animals You’ve Never Heard of

We have found for you surprising and weird creatures… Let’s even say unbelievable! And we bet you have never heard of them before. Have you ever came across crazy animals? For feature use #traveldenuk or tag us!

Fri 24 August 2018

The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet

Here are our 23 most dangerous creatures in the world. Wherever you are in the world, you do not want to encounter any of these animals – even some you won’t even know can be so deadly.

Sun 25 February 2018