15 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

Most expensive mistakes ever made

We’ve all made our fair share of mistakes at work, as well as in our personal lives, but sometimes the cost of human error is a little hard to recoup from – at least in terms of finances.

From the typo that came with an $80 million bill, to the $15 billion train order that didn’t fit, or the winning lottery ticket that was nearly lost forever, we’ve uncovered the all time most spendy slip-ups. The next time you make a mistake with your digits and enter the wrong number, or toss something out, only to wish you hadn’t afterwards, be grateful that unlike our big-budget entries, you weren’t left with an exorbitant bill.

Whether it’s straightforward business mistakes, like selling off shares at the wrong time, or rudimentary design flaws that are unfortunately overlooked, read on as we reveal the top 15 most expensive mistakes that have ever been made…


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