15 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made


14. Superman’s moustache

Superman’s moustache

$25million (on reshoots)

When Avengers director Joss Wheedon created his 2017 theatrical cut of Justice League, he probably wasn’t banking on getting so many complaints from furious fans about Superman’s moustache. The problem was, Wheedon had had to film The Tudor’s star Henry Cavill while he was under contract from Paramount, and part of the deal was a clause that prevented Cavil shaving off his facial hair. Superman notoriously doesn’t have a moustache, so after spending $25 million on reshoots, there was no choice but to remove Cavill’s by digital means.

Unfortunately CGI removal didn’t go too well and resulted in an overly fake effect, which cinema goers weren’t happy about. Luckily, Cavil had filmed scenes for Justice League before he’d been under contract to Paramount, minus his moustache – and when original director Zak Synder was handed back the reins to the film, he used this and discarded Wheedon’s footage.

When Synder’s director’s cut was released in 2021, the result was a flawless upper lip for Superman – and a legion of once-again happy fans. We’re guessing Wheedon found out the hard way that if you mess with a superhero’s moustache, it may well become your very own Kryptonite!


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