15 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made


11. A winning lottery ticket tossed in the bin

A winning lottery ticket tossed in the bin

$58 Million

Next time you check your lottery numbers you might want to think twice before you discard what appears to be a losing ticket, or you could find yourself in a similar situation to the lottery winner who very nearly missed out.

When Fred Higgins ran his ticket through the checking machine at his local newsagents and the machine didn’t indicate he’d won, the shopkeeper decided it was a loser and tore it in half. A second later, the machine emitted a winning beep, along with a ticket asking Higgins to call Camelot.

After checking the numbers at home with his wife Lesley, Higgins thought he’d won £5.8 million, only to be shocked when he discovered he’d actually netted the cool sum of £58 million! The story didn’t end there though, as Camelot executives still had to decide whether they could honour torn up tickets – so Higgins and his wife had to wait for an agonising fortnight until they were told they could claim their prize!


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