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Pont des Arts

Pont Des Arts

If you’ve ever seen images of a bridge literally completely covered in padlocks, then you’ve seen an image of Pont des Arts. A footbridge over the River Seine, Pont de Arts is the place for lovers to seal their love forever by closing a padlock, or love lock, inscribed with their names onto the bridge and throwing the key into the river below.

Or at least, it was. So weighed down by love locks, the authorities removed all the padlocks in 2015 and placed screens over the bridge to prevent these public displays of affection. Although some persistent lovers do still go to great lengths to affix their padlocks.

Originally constructed between 1802 and 1804, this historic bridge is still well worth a visit and a photograph, even though it was completely rebuilt in the 1980s after wartime damage was discovered. It’s since been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site award along with the entire Parisian riverfront.


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