8 Best Places to Visit in France this Summer


Saint Malo Brittany-France

The most North West region of France, Brittany, or Bretagne, is famed for its food and wine culture as well as its historic fortified towns and castles.

Perhaps we’d all be forgiven for associating France with wine, but Brittany is actually more famous for its cider, beers and mead (called chouchen, a type of wild honey mead). Also famed for its food, you’ll find crêpes galore here, as well as a variety of traditional pastries and biscuits.

Because of its foodie nature, there are many annual festivals held in Brittany. If you happen across one during your summer travels, you won’t be able to resist taking part in the folk dances and cuisines on offer.

Culture-wise, you have around 4,000 chateaus and manor houses to choose from, as well as multiple military fortresses, maritime fortifications and Neolithic sites to explore.


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