8 Best Places to Visit in France this Summer



Marseille France

This well-known port city in Southern France has something for everyone, from azure blue seas and sandy white beaches, to cultural museums, a national park and a 19th Century church.

It’s surprising that Marseille isn’t better known for its beaches, since it sits on 24km of Mediterranean coastline. The Prado Seaside Park is manmade but no less stunning than a naturally carved beach and is perfect for relaxing. Museum-wise, choose from the traditional Musée d’Histoire de Marseille or the super modern MuCEM for everything from ancient Greek artefacts at the former to modern day art and photography at the latter.

The Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde is a neo-Byzantine church built in the 19th Century situated just south of the Old Port area and is a breathtaking must see. If you’re hungry after all this sightseeing, you simply have to have a bouillabaisse, a fish and seafood stew that originates from Marseille. The rustic bread covered in rouille (a tangy mayonnaise) that will accompany it is just right for dipping in. Enjoy!


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