30 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe

The purple orb

The purple orb California
Copyrights: Nautilus Live, ocean exploration trust

Close to the coast of California, you’ll find the Channel Islands National Park, a beautiful area of the world with outstanding views and stunning nature reserves. But it’s beneath the surface of the water that surrounds this eight island chain that things start to get mysterious.

In 2016, an exploration team sailed to the area and used an exploration vessel to submerge themselves, and it was here that they discovered a “strange bright purple ball” that they say looked like an unhatched Pokémon. The purple blob measured no more than a few inches across and it left the researchers stumped as a creature like it had never been seen before. Everything from a sea squirt to a sea slug and even something related to jellyfish and coral were posited, but it fails to tick all the criteria needed to be one of these creatures.

Once onboard the ship, things got even more mysterious, as it began to unfold into two distinct lobes. The team then thought it could be a new type of ‘nudibranch’ which are a type of sea slug. But others thought it could be an embryo, but an embryo of what, they’re not sure. So is it a new, undiscovered species? Or is it something altogether other worldly? Only time will tell…


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