30 Unsolved Mysteries of The Universe No One Has Figured Out Yet


7. Did the Pollock Sisters re-incarnate?

Pollock Sisters

A sad story unfolded in Northumberland in England in 1957 when a women, beset by grief at being separated from her children took a cocktail of prescription drugs and then drove her car with the intention of ending it all.

Tragically, although she did crash her car, she didn’t die, but instead killed two sisters, 11 year old Joanna Pollock, her 6 year old sister Jacqueline and their friend. A year later, Joanna and Jacqueline’s parents had twin girls, Gillian and Jennifer.

Soon after the twin’s birth, strange similarities began to emerge between the babies and their elder sisters who had died the year before. For example, Jennifer had an identical birthmark to Jacqueline and a scar above her eye, again identical to one Jacqueline had from a childhood accident.

The twin’s childhood also saw lots of similarities such as the toys they played with and their habits and personalities, all echoing that of their elder sisters. Although they’d moved away from their home town as small babies, on their return then knew where they were and both were very afraid of cars, claiming that cars were coming to get them.

As an adult, Gillian had visions of playing in a certain sandpit, that she’d never visited, but Joanna had.

Had the twin’s inherited their parents’ grief or developed learned behaviours? Or is this the most convincing case of reincarnation?


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