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Russia’s drunken forest

Russia’s drunken forest

Our bet is that you’ve probably seen a fair few people dancing that have perhaps had a few too many to drink. The dance floor of a family wedding is especially good for spotting a drunken dance.

But have you ever seen a tree that’s drunken dancing? No? Well, head to the Dancing Forest of Russia on the Kruglaya Dune of the Curonian Spit, and you’ll see plenty. Known locally as the Drunken Forest, there are dozens of trees with trunks contorted into all kinds of twists and spirals, exactly like the legs of someone under the influence and a little unsteady on their feet.

Originally planted to help stabilise the dune sands in the 1960s, no one quite knows how they’ve become so wiggly. Some say it’s the sand itself, others say it’s a type of caterpillar that damaged the shoots of the young trees. But spiritualists say it’s down to the fact that these dancing trees have been planted across positive and negative energy lines and that these opposing forces have caused this unique forest. Legend also has it that Christian Gods made the trees dance centuries ago in order to prove their existence, hence their twisted look. Either way, they’re stunning to look at. See more scientifically impossible places that actually exist


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