30 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe

The Mystery of Forest Grove, Oregon

Residents of a pretty normal suburb of Portland, Oregon were given a rude awakening after a dark February night in 2016. The noise was described as piercing by some and as a “bad one note violin solo, broadcast over a microphone with nonstop feedback” by one particularly annoyed individual.

The noise would always occur at night and lasted for weeks. It became the hottest topic in town as residents tried to work out where the noise was coming from. A professor of physics even set up a crowdsourced map, where locals could drop a pin detailing where and when they heard the noise. Alas, the map didn’t give any indication what could be the source of such a strange noise in the middle of the night.

And so, speculation abound. Everything from street lamps with failing bulbs to an alien mothership attempting contact and the seven biblical trumpets sounding the end of time was put forward. But police assumed the noise was created by pranksters, hell bent on destroying the night time peace. In fact, the noise came to a halt a few days after the police issued a warning that anyone up to no good would be reprimanded. Prank put to an end by the police warning or phenomenon or being who happened to be scared of the authorities? You decide!


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