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The bridge that bewitches dogs

Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton

If you own, or have ever owned a dog, then you’ll know that most of the time, they’re happy and excitable, especially when on a “walkies”. So it’s saddening to hear of this story, of a bridge in Scotland where hundreds dogs have all of a sudden, jumped from the bridge after seemingly being compelled to do so.

Owners have described the incidents as their dogs freezing and then becoming “possessed by a strange energy” before running and jumping from the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton. Since the 1950s, many have sadly lost their lives on the dangerous rocks below. The rational explanation is that they’re following the scent of small mammals who live under the bridge. But more mysteriously, Pagan Celts call this area a “thin place” where heaven and earth overlap. Many locals report seeing or feeling spirits in the area.

Scotland is known for being a spiritual place, full of superstition, and the ghost of the White Lady of Overtoun, a sad, grieving figure that has been reported more than several times, is said to roam the bridge. Could she be luring the dogs down to her to help her with her grief?


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