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Strange waves ripple around the world

Strange waves ripple around the world

Imagine rumbles in the earth, so strong that they reached more than 11,000 miles away from where they began, yet no one on earth felt them?

That’s exactly what happened in November 2018, when just north of Madagascar, seismic waves began to occur, reaching as far as Hawaii and crossing huge expanses of ocean. And they continued to do so for 20 minutes. One person spotted them – an amateur earthquake enthusiast who saw them on real time seismogram monitoring by the US Geological Survey. After posting these curious zig zags on Twitter, professional earthquake researchers took note and began investigating.

Measuring different wave patterns and certainly length of time to ‘normal’ earthquakes, these global ripples are still the cause of many a head scratch in seismology circles. Some think that there might be new volcanic activity occurring where the ripples began, but there hasn’t been much in the area in the past 4,000 years. Others propose that a huge “magma body” is pushing its way up from the ocean floor, causing these strange ripples and activity. Something is causing them, but as to what, scientists can only speculate. It could after all, be something completely unexpected and other worldly!


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