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How did Earth get its name?

How did Earth get its name?

How on earth? What on earth are you doing? These are common phrases, aren’t they? However, if we actually stopped to think about it, where on earth do they come from?! It probably won’t take us long to think, well of course, it’s because something is so absurd or out of the ordinary, that it couldn’t possibly exist or be happening in the entire world. But where did the name “earth” actually come from? Who named the planet we live on, earth?

The truth is, no one actually knows. What we do know, is that the word earth is derived from the English and German words “earth” and “erde” that both mean “ground”. But as to who actually decided that earth was going to be called earth, we don’t know.
Interestingly though, earth is the only planet in our solar system that isn’t named after a Roman or Greek god or goddess. For example, Mars the God of War, Venus the Goddess of love, Neptune the God of the Sea and Mercury the Messenger of the Gods. So why plain, ungodly earth? We guess we needed to be around at the time of Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom, to truly understand that one!


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