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When was Brazil really discovered?

When was brazil really discovered?

Christopher Columbus is widely credited with discovering the Americas in 1492 on board his ship, the Santa Maria. But could Roman sailors have accidentally happened across the small matter of Brazil, 17 centuries earlier?

Top underwater archaeologist and sunken treasure hunter, Robert Marx certainly thinks so. In the 1980s, he found artefacts buried in the waters of a bay near Rio de Janeiro that he thinks came from a Roman vessel. These are artefacts in the form of amorphas, tall jars that were carried by Roman ships way back in the second century to transport everything from oil and water to wine and grains. Robert Marx thinks they had been on a Roman ship that was then caught in a storm.

The fact that the amorphas have been found in a harbour suggests that the ship was actually navigated there, rather than blown off course, perhaps in order to shelter from the storm. Therefore, humans would’ve seen the land of Brazil. These barnacle encrusted, coral covered artefacts could well hold the secret to when Europeans first saw or even landed on the Americas, blowing the Columbus historical record out of the water.


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