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Lars Mittank, where are you?

Lars Mittank disappearance

According to YouTube, Lars Mittank is the world’s most famous missing person. The 28 year old German was on holiday on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria with friends in June 2014. For a few days, Lars and his friends partied at the infamous Golden Sands resort, but then he got into a fight and suffered a ruptured eardrum. He disappeared for the rest of the night, returning the next morning saying that the guys he got into a fight with had hired more men to beat him up further. Doctors then prescribed Lars a strong antibiotic for his ear, and advised him not to fly.

His friends said they’d stay with him and fly when it was safe, but Lars said he’d be fine on his own. Lars then checked into a cheap hotel near the airport where he was seen on CCTV pacing and looking paranoid. Upon arriving at the nearby Varna Airport a few days later, Lars became visibly panicked. He then scaled the 2.5 metre high fence and jumped into the dense forest surrounding the airport and has never been seen or heard from since…

Speculation suggests that the attack combined with the strong antibiotics unlocked some kind of severe mental health struggle. But with no history or family history of anything like that, Lars’ disappearance continues to be investigated.


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