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An immortal jellyfish

immortal jellyfish

Benjamin Button might have had an ailment that meant he aged backwards, with a heavy sprinkling of Hollywood to make it believable. But what if we told you of the presence of a type of jellyfish that really does grow backwards from an adult to a baby? Well, it’s true! And what’s more, they’re capable of doing it again and again.

The so called immortal jellyfish is only the size of a human pinky fingernail, and is pretty unremarkable. It’s ‘born’ as a result of the normal meeting of free floating sperm and egg but then if it’s under stress from injury or starvation, it can transfer all of its cells to a younger state.

It then transforms from adult, albeit small, jellyfish, to a blob-like cyst, which is pretty much a baby jellyfish. It can then produce identical copies of itself that then become adults and these are now overtaking the world’s oceans. This has caused marine biologists to rethink what they know about jellyfish reproduction. They say the ocean has many secrets, but could this be the secret for anti-ageing humans? Who knows!


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