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A man turns into a mathematical genius

Brain injury turns man into maths genius

Of all the subjects at school that you wish you could’ve been better at, magically overnight, we’re willing to bet that it was maths. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one man, Jason Padgett, in 2002 in Washington, albeit after an upsetting and vicious attack.

Jason was attacked and left with severe concussion, PTSD and anxiety. But he was also left with something else – a mathematically genius brain and the ability to see the world through a complex mathematical lens. Not only that, he’s able to understand extremely complicated physics, too. His doctors think that although traumatic, the attack “unlocked” the part of the brain that’s responsible for seeing mathematical structure and geometry. Jason now “sees shapes and angles everywhere in real life”. Such after effects of a brain injury, where people develop amazing abilities (usually artistic or musical) is known as savant syndrome, which is extremely rare.

Everything to Jason is pixilated and he can see geometry in everything from a circle on a piece of paper to rain drops and within rainbows. It means he can draw extraordinary mathematical drawings. Whilst we’re not saying a knock to the head should form a part of our studies, what a strange concept to have to live with!


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