30 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe

The Patomskiy Crater in Siberia

The Patomskiy Crater
From Wikimedia Commons – Patomsky crater, view from a helicopter, 2014, by Dmitry Semenov

Of all the unsolved mysteries in this list, not many have such a huge number of theories surrounding its whereabouts. The Patomskiy Crater was first discovered in 1949 and is described as an oval, conical crater with a small ball shaped mound at its centre.

Made entirely of grey limestone, it measures 160 metres across and is 80 metres high. Despite being surrounded by trees, no trees grow on the actual crater itself, making the immediate area a strange, barren place surrounded by greenery. The creation of this weird anomaly attracts theories that range from a Stalin-era uranium mine to alien landing site to underground gas explosion, meteorite landing and a metallic strike of unknown origin.

The local indigenous population called the Yakut, stay well clear of the crater, and keep their animals well clear too, as they consider it a bad place since so many have died there. Could they avoid the area now because they know something we don’t? Or sense that there’s strange goings on that created it? Or could it be that the uranium theory does make scientific sense and radiations are to blame for people and animals falling sick when they’re nearby? Maybe one day, we’ll find out!


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