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The Flannan Isle mystery

The Flannan Isle mystery

The first sign that something was amiss in the lighthouse on the Isle of Flannan in Scotland in 1900 was an absence of lights, noticed by the crew of a passing ship. Docking three days later and reporting their concern, the Lighthouse Board dispatched the lighthouse relief boat to investigate.

On arrival, and after climbing all 160 steps to the living quarters, the relief keeper discovered no sign of the three keepers on watch. He only found a stopped kitchen clock, an uneaten meal and a knocked over chair. Calling up the other crew members, the men began to look further and discovered signs of severe storm damage on the island, including twisted metal railings and train track, and torn up turf.

The fate of the three men? Officially, they were “swept out to sea” after trying to secure the area mid dinner and mid storm. But locals insist otherwise and blame everything from sea serpents, ghost ships and foreign spies. All made more credible by the fact that on the same night, a passing ship noticed no lights on, stated that all was calm. If anyone had died in the storm, surely it would’ve been recorded? Sadly, we’ll never know what happened to these three men, and it remains one of Scotland’s most baffling maritime disappearances.


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