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Did the Pollock Sisters re-incarnate?

Pollock Sisters

A sad story took place in Northumberland, England, in 1957. In a tragic car accident, a woman took the lives of two sisters, Joanna Pollock, 11, and her sister Jacqueline, 6.

A year later, Joanna and Jacqueline’s parents had twin girls, Gillian and Jennifer. Shortly after the twins were born, strange similarities began to appear between the children and their older sisters, who had disappeared the previous year. For example, Jennifer had a birthmark identical to Jacqueline’s and a scar above her eye, also identical to the one Jacqueline had suffered in a childhood accident.

The twins’ childhood also has many similarities, such as the toys they play with, their habits and personalities, which echo those of their older sisters. Although they left their home town when they were young, when they returned they knew where they were and both were very afraid of cars. As adults, Gillian had visions of a certain sandpit, which she had never visited, but which Joanna had. Had the twins inherited their parents’ grief or had they developed a learned behaviour? Or is this the most convincing case of reincarnation that has ever existed?


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