30 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe

The Gurdon Light

The Gurdon Light Arkansas

Unlike many mysterious sightings that may have had a fleeting glance or never been captured, the Gurdon Light has been photographed, seen on TV and is accepted as being one that actually exists. So the mystery here isn’t whether or not it exists, it’s what’s causing it. The Gurdon Light is eerily blue-white light above a still used railway in Arkansas and moves from side to side, swinging as if a lantern is being carried by an unseen being.

It was first documented in the 1930s, shortly after the execution of a railway worker for the murder of a colleague. Could this be the apparition of a railway worker, swinging his lantern looking for revenge? Locals also say that it could be the ghost of an unfortunate man who fell into the path of the train and lost his head – which was never found. Could he be roaming the railway at night, looking for his head?

Local highway lights have been ruled out, as the sightings began long before the nearby highway was constructed. Scientists have also ruled this out based on the speed at which the light appears and disappears. It’s impossible to get close enough to the light to discover what it is, as it moves around continuously. So, could this be one of these mysteries that never gets solved?


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