30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World


The Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz

Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz

The abandoned hospital at Beelitz Heilstatten is an unsettling place. These days it is decaying — the plaster peeling, the walls crumbling and weeds sprouting from the deep cracks and crevices.

But once it was a military hospital that, for a time, treated injured German soldiers and Nazi officials. For a short period, a wounded Adolf Hitler was amongst the patients here. Just thinking about it is unnerving.

Opened in 1898, Beelitz Heilstatten was a hectic place during the First World War, with battlefield injuries caused by machine guns and mustard gas commonplace. It was again called into action in World War Two, before Russian soldiers claimed it in 1945.

It remained in service as a Soviet military hospital until 1995, when most of the buildings here were abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair. This one-time Nazi stronghold beckons those with an interest in such things — and paying a visit is not recommended.


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