30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Sunken Ghost Yacht Of Antarctica

Mar Sem Fin has been rescued now, retrieved from the icy depths and towed away. But for a time, this submerged ghost ship could be seen quite clearly from the surface — haunting those who looked upon it and proving an unnerving experience for those aboard other vessels.

The 76-foot Brazilian yacht sank in 2012 after the crew got into difficulties in the frigid waters of Maxwell Bay, just off King George Island in Antarctica.

Battling gusting winds and huge ice floes, the outcome was soon inevitable and all on board were rescued, leaving Mar Sem Fin — which translates as Endless Sea — to sink to the seabed and serve as a warning to passing ships. The stricken vessel was retrieved using inflatable buoys some 12 months later, although the damage was so great it never sailed again. The ghost ship has gone, but the haunting image endures.


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