30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

Pripyat’s Creepy Amusement Park

Built to serve Chernobyl and house those who worked there, Pripyat found itself on the front line in 1986, when disaster struck and a reactor at the doomed nuclear power plant exploded.
More than 49,000 people once lived here — and all were evacuated within 36 hours. More than 30 years on, the result couldn’t be more eerie.

Homes, shops and schools stand empty, with Pripyat having been ruled unsafe for human habitation for the next 24,000 years. It is possible to visit these days, although strict conditions and guidelines must be followed, with not all areas considered safe.

Located in northern Ukraine, not far from the Belarus border, this is a place that calls to the curious, with interest in Chernobyl on the rise. The abandoned amusement part is especially unsettling and its rusting rides couldn’t be creepier. Harrowing, but forever fascinating, Pripyat is a place that must be seen to be believed.


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