30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

Sydney’s 102-Year-Old Floating Forest

Sydney's 102-Year-Old Floating Forest

Sydney’s so-called ‘Floating Forest’ makes for a strange tourist attraction. Located in Homebush Bay, just outside the city’s bustling centre, this is a remnant from Australia’s past that has survived the area’s dramatic regeneration.

Lush green mangrove trees protrude from the great rusting hull of SS Ayrfield, brought here in 1972 to be dismantled, but still afloat in the peaceful waters of the scenic bay.

Built in the UK, this massive steel beast saw service in the Second World War, when it was used to transport supplies to US soldiers stationed in the Pacific. Having been decommissioned, it — like countless other vessels — was brought to Homebush to be stripped down and taken apart. Yet still it survives, claimed by nature and calling to the curious.


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