30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

Sinister Power Station In Belgium

IM Cooling TowerImage: Lennart Tange, Wikipedia Commons, Source: Flickr

Located in Monceau-sur-Sambre, the immense IM Plant once powered Charleroi and its surrounding towns and villages. Looming over all, the great tower here could cool 480,000 gallons of water per minute. It was a power station both efficient and mighty. The trouble was, it was also a major polluter.

Studies found that IM was responsible for 10% of all carbon dioxide emissions in Belgium — prompting protests from Greenpeace and the plant’s eventual closure in 2007. Since then, it has beckoned urban adventurers, keen to explore its dystopian structures.

The vast cooling tower is a big draw, although visits are not permitted and trespassing prohibited. This hasn’t stopped those determined to climb inside — and a visit here is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Guards have been posted to keep the curious at bay, but with the IM site due to be demolished, there’s no stopping those determined to sneak a glimpse.


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