30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Ghost Town Of Craco, Italy

Craco, Italy

Perched high in the craggy hills of Matera, in spectacular southern Italy, Craco is a ghostly place. This was once a thriving town, its location boasting strategic defensive benefits during times of strife, but whilst hostile raiders struggled to penetrate its walls, Mother Nature had no such issues.

Straddling various fault-lines, Craco was flawed from the beginning. The town having long been abandoned, coming here is a creepy experience.

Craco was evacuated in 1963 following a devastating landslide and, although some residents did return once the danger had passed, their days here were numbered. Following an earthquake in 1980, the town was abandoned entirely.

These days, it is a place of ancient tombs and crumbling stonework, a ghost town of decaying buildings and empty streets, where tourists are drawn, but few come alone. Thinking about paying a visit to Craco? Be prepared to be unnerved.

Eastern State Penitentiary Of Philadelphia

Eastern State Penitentiary Of Philadelphia

Located not far from downtown Philadelphia, ESP is a world away from the bustling city streets that lie just beyond its castle-like walls. Once renowned as the most expensive prison on Earth, the former ‘residents’ here include the infamous mob boss Al Capone.

Closed since 1971, it is a major tourist attraction and National Historic Landmark these days. Yet despite all those who head here to explore, the abandoned jailhouse remains a haunting place to visit.

Prisoners here were kept in complete isolation — eating and exercising alone and forced to exist in silence — leading countless criminals to be certified insane before their sentences had been completed. With its crumbling cell blocks and empty guard towers, ESP remains an eerie place. Take a tour — but be careful not to get locked in and left behind when the doors are closed and visiting time is over.


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