30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Hotel Of Doom In Pyongyang

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

Known to some here as the ‘Hotel of Doom’, Ryugyong towers over Pyongyang. It is the tallest building in North Korea. It is also — according to Guinness World Records adjudicators — the tallest unoccupied building on the planet.

Construction began in 1987, but ceased five years later due to an economic crisis in the secretive state. Sporadic work has been done since, but more than three decades on, the hotel remains empty.
Ryugyong was supposed to signal North Korea’s status as a significant player on the world stage, but the failure to get it finished has become an embarrassment to a sensitive regime. The exterior was completed in 2011, but inside it is a different matter.

Rising 1,080 feet above the skyline, the hotel is twice the height of the Great Pyramids and can be seen from all points of Pyongyang. Bleak and unwelcoming, even by North Korean standards, don’t plan to ever stay here.


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