30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus

Once Cyprus’ main tourist hub, Nicosia International Airport has lain abandoned since 1974. Passengers once bustled through its state-of-the-art terminal building, but these days, it is desolate and decaying — a place of barbed wire and broken glass, where the silence is eerie, and where time has long stood still.
It was the Turkish invasion that put paid to the airport’s operation and, although the site was targeted for sustained bombing raids as conflict raged, much still remains here.

There’s a huge hangar, a long-abandoned lounge and even a rusting jet plane that still sits forgotten on the weed-strewn runway, never to depart an island that, to this day, remains divided. Stuck between the Turkish Cypriot North and the Greek Cypriot South, Nicosia International Airport is little more than a haunting no-man’s-land these days. It’s a curious location, but not a place to linger long.


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