30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Abandoned Olympic Village In Sarajevo

The former Yugoslavia became the first communist state to host the Winter Olympics in 1984. Less than a decade later, a divided nation being torn apart, the facilities had fallen into disrepair and decay, with conflict raging and violence all around.

Sarajevo’s bobsleigh track became a Bosnian-Serb stronghold, whilst the ski-jump was used as an important artillery position in the hills above the under-fire city. It’s all still here, covered in graffiti, with weeds sprouting everywhere and the tell-tale bullet holes pointing to a past that those who lived through it would prefer to forget.

There’s the Olympic Hotel (used as a prison during the conflict), the athletes’ accommodation and even a podium that was used as a place of execution. It’s distressing and disturbing, but serves as an important reminder of all that happened here in a land where tensions endure.


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