30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Flooded Village Of South Tyrol, Italy

Submerged deep beneath beautiful Lake Reschen, high in the Italian Alps, lies Graun, an abandoned village that was flooded in 1950, along with parts of neighbouring Reschen.

There are 163 buildings beneath the waters, the only clue that the lake hasn’t always been here the upper reaches of the village church’s bell tower, which protrudes from the surface and is a significant local landmark.

The artificial lake was formed as part of a plan to build a dam in order to provide electricity to the local area, close to the Austrian border in the tranquil South Tyrol. Legend has it that, although the bells were removed just prior to the lake’s construction, they can sometimes still be heard ringing during wintertime. When Lake Reschen freezes over, it’s possible to walk across and take a closer look at the exposed campanile. Very haunting, yet this is a place that demands a visit.


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