30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

China’s Empty City

Kangbashi — aka China’s ‘Empty City’ — is an eerie place. It feels a lot like a ghost town. It isn’t that the residents left, however, more that no-one ever lived here in the first place.

Constructed in a remote region in Inner Mongolia, work began to build a new metropolis in 2003, with a 137-square-mile site earmarked for an ambitious development that would provide housing and jobs for one million people.

The trouble is, no-one came. Still the work continued, with countless skyscrapers and tower blocks built, alongside museums and galleries, theatres, sports grounds and all imaginable amenities.

These days, several thousand people do live in Kangbashi — around 16 miles from Dongsheng — although such is the city’s size, spotting them can be quite a challenge. On the plus side, there’s little traffic here and you’ll never need to queue. Yet so quiet are Kangbashi’s streets, you’ll be certain to find this rather creepy.


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