30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World


The Dangerous Bannerman Castle In New York

Bannerman Castle

Bannerman Castle is crumbling, fire-damaged and decaying. Perched on Pollepel Island, some 50 miles from New York City, on the scenic Hudson River, it is an arresting sight. Thinking about paying a visit? Take our advice and keep your distance.

This was once a well-stocked arsenal, home to a thriving military surplus business, with weapons stored inside its tall walls. Yet since becoming vacant in the 1950s, Bannerman has fallen into disrepair, with vandals, trespassers and neglect all contributing to the castle’s dramatic decline, which is clear to see from a distance.

Fire weakened the structure prior to a partial collapse in 2009 and, such is the building’s poor condition, authorities here have ruled that Pollepel Island is off-limits to all visitors. Still the curious come here, however, ignoring the warning signs about unexploded ordnance and the dark mood that endures in the shadows that the castle casts.


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