30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

Abandoned Balaklava Submarine Base


Balaklava is like a villain’s lair from a James Bond movie. Hidden deep beneath Mount Tavros in Crimea, this is no film set or fiction, however. This top-secret military facility was built during the Cold War, designed to withstand a nuclear attack and keep the Soviet Union’s soldiers safe.

Submarines were once docked here, far from prying eyes. The craft equipped and loaded with devastating weapons before being dispatched via hidden channels, this was once a bustling nerve centre in a long-running feud between warring superpowers.

These days, the feuding is done in-house, Crimea a disputed region between Russia and Ukraine, where tensions remain even if enemies have changed. In the midst of all this, it’s possible to visit Balaklava, with a museum here offering a peek behind the Iron Curtain and giving a glimpse of what Cold War living was like on the front line. With its cold concrete walls, not much has changed here since the base was abandoned in 1993. It makes for a chilling place to visit.


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