30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Abandoned Spy Station In Berlin


The Cold War era lives on at eerie Teufelsberg — towering high over Berlin. The views here are to savour, but a mysterious mood persists, not surprising, perhaps, given the site’s dark past. Located in the scenic Grunewald, this is Berlin’s highest point, but despite appearances, it is not a natural hill.

Made from some 12 million cubic metres of rubble from the Second World War, the remains of 400,000 bombed German homes form the slopes here. Buried right at the bottom — gone, but not forgotten — is a former Nazi training school.

For a long time after the war, this was a US listening station and four imposing radomes still dot Teufelsberg’s unsettling summit. They’re decaying and, like the crumbling buildings that still stand, are covered in graffiti, with weeds sprouting from everywhere. Translated into English, Teufelsberg means Devil’s Mountain. Climb to the top and you’ll soon find out why.


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