30 Chilling Locations Abandoned And Left To Decay

Uyuni Train Cemetery, Bolivia

Uyuni Train Cemetery, Bolivia

Cementerio de Trenes – aka the Great Train Graveyard – is a haunting place. Located on Bolivia’s desolate salt flats, countless locomotives litter the landscape here, rusted and decaying, and never to take to the tracks again.

This is a place for train buffs – although the sight that awaits can be distressing. Once-great engines have been allowed to rot beyond all recognition. It feels like such a waste. Uyuni – just three kilometres from here – was meant to be a major transportation hub linking South America’s great cities and connecting the continent.

Yet it never quite happened and the imported locomotives, many of them transported from Great Britain, were neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair. Long since stripped of all their valuable parts, vandalised and corroded by the salt winds, there’s something eerie about the hollow shells that remain.


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