30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World


The Weird Paris Replica In Hangzhou, China

Tianducheng Paris Replica

Tianducheng is a bizarre destination. Everything here is Parisian in style, with classic French architecture, statues and fountains all around. There’s even an ‘Eiffel Tower’ — albeit a scaled down version, this one standing a little over 108 metres tall.

Yet this is China, not France. This is a replica Paris that must be seen to be believed. Thinking about paying a visit? Be prepared to be unnerved. There are no crowds here and the traffic is scarce. That might seem like a positive, given the real French capital’s ever-bustling boulevards, but so deserted are the streets here, the effect is eerie.

This 32-square-kilometre site — plonked amidst the Zhejiang farmlands, not far from Hangzhou — was designed to house 10,000 people when work began in 2007. Yet just 2,000 have chosen to live here and it feels like a ghost town. Haunting in the extreme, you’ll be relieved to leave.


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