30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Flooded City Of Shicheng

Long forgotten, Shicheng has been dubbed the ‘Atlantis of the East’. Dating back more than 600 years, stone architecture from the ancient Ming and Qing dynasties can be seen here, deep below Qiandao Lake in China’s Zhejiang province.

Since it was rediscovered in 2001, divers have flocked to explore this fascinating underwater city. Hidden some 40 metres beneath the lake’s shimmering surface, paying a visit is an eerie experience.

Some 30,000 residents were relocated in the 1950s following the decision to flood Shicheng — aka the Lion City — in order to build the vast Xin’an Dam and create the huge hydroelectric station that these days provides power to the region.

Ironically, the waters have helped to preserve the ancient structures — making this one of the best places to revisit Imperial China’s remarkable past. See paved roads, intricate carvings and entire buildings up close — and be prepared to get goosebumps in the process.


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