30 Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World

The Haunted San Zhi Pod Village

San Zhi UFO HousesImage: The Erica Chang, Wikipedia Commons

The site that once housed San Zhi’s mysterious pod homes is an eerie place. The space-age structures have been torn down now, but the haunting mood endures here. Thinking about paying a visit? Take our advice and don’t go alone.

The Futuro houses that used to stand here were never finished — the project jinxed from the start and abandoned long before completion. The site is believed to have once been a graveyard. It’s rumoured to be haunted and there’s no question that things didn’t proceed as planned.

This had been intended as a vacation resort for US soldiers, but problems beset the building work. Several people died here — some in car crashes, others committed suicide — and the project stalled, never to resume. Legend has it that the destruction of a giant dragon sculpture, cut apart to accommodate an access road, played a part, setting a curse that continues to haunt this troubled place.


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